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After my book was published I wrote this press release to create market awareness and establish myself as a travel expert. In addition to book sales, this single release yielded three radio appearances, interviews and book excerpts published in newspapers nationwide, a month-long run as the featured author on a website and forum for baby boomer women, and numerous public appearances, lectures, book readings and travel slide shows.

Travel America! Take a US Road Trip This Summer
More Americans than ever will spend their summer vacations in the US, and many will travel by road. Lori Hein, travel expert and author of Ribbons of Highway: A Mother-Child Journey Across America, offers inspiration and travel planning tips.

Boston, MA (PRWEB) February 28, 2004 ---This summer, more Americans than ever will spend their vacations traveling in the US. Surveys by the American Automobile Association confirm that since 9/11 more people are choosing domestic vacation travel. And more of us are traveling by road. Recent surveys show that both trends will continue.

Turning dreams of an American road trip into reality takes time and planning, but the rewards are as limitless as the country itself. Lori Hein, author of Ribbons of Highway: A Mother-Child Journey Across America, traveled 12,000 miles of American back roads and byways with her two young children. Hein says that anyone -- solo travelers, moms with kids, families, seniors -- can plan and enjoy a road trip into America. "America is a rich tapestry of places to discover and savor," she says. "When you get off the interstate and travel the country's small roads, through its downtowns and open spaces, when you stop awhile at its fishing docks and ports, its churches and diners, its parks and ballfields, you experience first-hand the country's majesty and humanity."

Hein, a freelance writer, newspaper correspondent and marathoner, is a travel expert, having visited over 50 countries, often solo, often with children in tow. While Ribbons of Highway is a travel narrative, a family story and a fresh look into the heart of America, it’s also a blueprint for planning a trip of your own.

Some tips for planning a great summer road trip? "Preparation and attitude are key," says Hein. "Start your planning early. Study maps, scour brochures, make lists of places you must see and places you'd like to see. Choose routes and calculate time and distance between planned stops. You may have to rework your itinerary several times before all the pieces fit. (Save the pieces that don't fit for your next trip.)"

Says Hein, "Clear your mind. Jump into your trip with an open, positive attitude so you can accept and enjoy whatever the trip presents. When you hit bumps in the road, literal or otherwise, relax, take a deep breath, and manage the hurdle. Then continue your journey. There's so much to see."

Asked what impressed her and her children most on their cross-country odyssey, Hein said, "The country's vastness and the freedom we have to travel through it. Each morning, we'd set out on that day's 300 miles of small, beautiful roads, and we'd look up other roads, knowing there were 300 different miles to be had by traveling any one of them. And we were free to do so. There were no border stops, no papers to check, no questions to answer, just an overwhelming sense of freedom."

Read excerpts from Ribbons of Highway: A Mother-Child Journey Across America at . The book is available at or major online booksellers such as Amazon. Contact the author at or 508-230-3766. And get out there!

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